If you have a SwissPass, register faster and use your SwissPass to charge your vehicle: Register with your SwissPass

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If you only need to charge your vehicle less than 3 times a month or simply want to use emotì occasionally, sign up for the free pay-as-you-go option and start charging your vehicle immediately using our mobile app.

Price per charge

Instant power, up to

3.7 kW : CHF 0.42 / kWh

11 kW : CHF 0.46 / kWh

22 kW : CHF 0.50 / kWh

> 22 kW : CHF 0.70 / kWh


CHF 96.00 per year

If you charge your car regularly, become a member and enjoy access to the charging network at preferential rates. In addition to access via the app, you will also receive your emotì access card free of charge.

Price per charge

Instant power, up to

3.7 kW : CHF 0.22 / kWh

11 kW : CHF 0.26 / kWh

22 kW : CHF 0.30 / kWh

> 22 kW : CHF 0.50 / kWh

Special offer


Already used


If you received a promotional code, you can use it to receive your special offer.

Rates applicable only on evpass charging stations.

Parking fees

50% of the local parking fee until the vehicle is fully charged, then 200% of the local parking fee while fully charged vehicle is parked (minimum CHF 1.-/h)

Personal Data

emotì Card

Free for Members

Your SwissPass () will automatically be associated with your emotì account. So you can use it to start or stop your charge.

Receive the emotì card (+CHF 15.00)

You can authenticate with the emotì card to the charging stations of emotì network when they are equipped with an RFID reader.

Payment Method

The actual amount consumed will be charged to your credit card each time you charge your vehicle.
1.00 chf is charged to validate your credit card. This amount is credited to your emotì account and it will be deducted from your first charge.
Credit your emotì account

CHF 59.00 (VAT included)